A Semiconductor Fabrication Plant
On Your Desk
A leading international addictive manufacturing platform of flexible electronics that empowers creators to drive the semiconductor industry forward; that provide innovators who want to create, advance, and change with new opportunities for feasibility study and launch of new products into the flexible electronics market; that present a new way of rapid prototype of functional devices to test theories here and now.
Three-In-One Flexible Electronics Printer
makes easier and more efficient use of
Smart 3D Printing with lower cost for Flexible Electronics
which needs no vacuum, no high temperature, no complicated manufacture processes
All you need is just one click and a few printing hours
Solar Cell
Logic Elements
Electric/ Thermal/
Photochromic Devices
Basic Components
Photoelectric/ Pressure/
Gas Sensors
Stretchable Electrode/ Circuit
Three-In-One Machine Brings You A Better Experience In The Lab

Fabricate A Full Range Of Functional Devices
By 3 Printing Techniques In One Machine On Your Desk Now
Different Printing Techniques
Act On Different Layers Of The Devices
Though Small, Precision Formed
High accuracy mechanical system with ± 20 μm repeatability
X axis equipped with 5 μm grating ruler feedback
Maximum Printing Resolution: 1270 dpi
Printed Film Thickness: from 50 nm to 1500 nm
Minimum Distance Between lines: 20 μm
Minimum Linewidth: 80 μm