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The Prtronic Software Package

The Prtronic Software Package

Whether you are a hobbyist or a proffesional reseachers,
our software package ensures you can reach the best project outcome
with professional level precision, acurracy and ease of use.

Design and Share

Our software enables makers to perform proffesional circuit design and component design with ease and simplicity. As your project is complete, simply navigagte into Web Platform and share your work with makers around the world in the Bluuprint community.

Powerful Component Library

Bluuprinter has a strong component library where all components are being developed by our in-house team. With our wide range of components, even beginners can complete the rapid PCB design and printing process.

Your Own Components

Aside from our component library, users can customize their own PCB material and create their own components from the ground up. All customized components can be installed and reused in the Bluuprint Software.

Print and Share,
All in One Click.

From design sketches to real material that works, we enable our users to experience the power of circuit printing with only one single click. Your work can also be shared with our community and stored in the cloud whenever you want.

Create together, now with the world.

Meet your like-minded scientist, engineers, makers and hobyist from around the world,

the Prtronic community welcomes anyone with a creative mind, and fosters organic creativity from day 1.